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We meet on the second Saturday of the month.


Meet at the vegetable/flower beds by Coffeesmith, Langdale Court, Witney.


(No meetings in December, January or February)


October 2022

A busy month. Another session tending our plot, this time spreading well rotted famryard manure. We feed the soil, and then the plants get their nutrients from the soil.


October 2022

September 2022

Weeding, dead heading, and cutting back the leaves on the tomato plants to encourage the fruit to ripen. We have a good crop of runner beans.

This is our tallest sunflower.

Mediterranean herb bed

This bed has been very rarely watered in the summer drought of 2022.

Front from L to R Hyssop, Curry plant, Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme, Oragano.

Back from L to R Sunflower, Bay tree, Tithonia, Tomato

August 2022

Tomatoes getting ripe and the bees are loving the bergamot, marjoram, and hollyhocks.

Sweet corn, hollyhocks and sunflower

Tomatoes doing well.

Beans climbing the sturdy bamboo structure.

July 2022

3lbs of gooseberries picked

Potatoes dug up.

June 2022

Weeding, planting, watering, keeping the bugs off the bay tree. A busy session this month.

April 2022

Two varieties of first early potato were planted.

Much weeding and rubbish clearing done.

The bay tree was pruned, trying to remove all the damage done by the Bay Sucker bug.

The Rosemary is looking good.

March 2022

A lot of weeding done this morning.

The daffodils are looking good.

Problem with the bay tree.

February 2022

Soft fruit pruned and the beds tidied.