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Our new beds

By Langdale Hall, opposite Coffeesmiths. The council have done their spring planting in one bed and cleared the other ready for us.DSC_0008DSC_0009


Meeting 12th March 2018

Jane attended Witney in Bloom meeting. Our new beds are now ready, dug over & manured. The council will give us bedding plants. Brenda will find out what sort. They will also mount a water butt.

Long side bed approx. 8 metres long & north facing: Chard, beetroot, chilli peppers, strawberries. Also lavender, trailing rosemary & curry plants. Christine has a possible bay tree that would look good in the corner in front of the water butt.

The big bed will need approx. 12 stepping stones to facilitate weeding etc Runner beans & French climbing beans to go along the wall. Canes needed. Groups of sunflowers (Jane), sweat peas (Brenda) & dwarf beans (Caroline), Helen has a blackcurrant bush for the middle, chard & lettuce (Christine). Brenda has sown peas & broad beans & tomatoes, rhubarb in shady corner, camomile along the edge. Raddish & carrots to be sown directly.

The possibility of meeting alternate weeks during the summer was raised.

New Beds by Landgale Hall, opposite Coffeesmith.img096.jpg

December 2017

The council are, hopefully, giving us a couple of beds near Langdale Hall. Here they are in their ‘ before’ look.DSC_0002_1DSC_0001_2

November 2017

Goodbye to the beds on Welch Way. The council have taken them back for their own planting schemes.

Minutes of meeting 9th October 2017


Highs and lows of members gardens

BW  highlighted need to use organic material in our soil

Sanctuary Housing event at the Oasis Cafe  and the need for more thought around its purpose


Community Services Group Meeting 18 9 17

BW was unexpectedly allowed another 5 mins  speech and provided a print out of the script from the Town Council mtg to the members

Well received by the Mayor who suggested a meeting with John Hickman the H&S person and BW to see if safety issues could be resolved

BW is waiting for a meeting date to be arranged

H&S remains an issue

The group identified and went to look at a possible alternative site by Langdale Hall before the usual weeding/tidying  of Welch Way  beds

October 2017

A bit of a tidy up today,P1060004P1060006P1060010


and some beans harvested.


September 2017

Meeting of Edible Gardens Monday, 11th September, 2017

Present: Brenda, Caroline, Pam, Christine, Helen, Sheila & Rae

Discussion about what was doing well in our gardens.
Fruit trees may not bear fruit every year. Brown rot in apples common this year but pears doing well.
Some courgette seeds have produced pumpkins!
Christine won a prize for her flower arrangements.
Rae’s raised beds are a success for her first attempt at growing vegetables.
Brenda’s sweet corn is a doing well.

All are encouraged to attend the Council’s Community Services committee meeting on Monday Sept 18th at 6pm upstairs in the Town Council building (opposite the Buttercross). Encourage friends to come along! Caroline will inform Cogges. Brenda will e-mail sympathetic councillors . The decision about our town beds is to be made.

Meeting at the Oasis Café on the Windrush Valley Estate Friday 15th September 3-4.30 pm. The winners of the flower competition will be announced. Bring plants/seeds for a plant swap.

Next meeting Monday 9th October